Breast Enhancement Exercises

Many women would like to have larger firmer breasts. The expense, and the risks involved with surgery breast augmentation surgery are too high for many women. They are looking for ways to sculpt, rather than carve the body shape they want.

It seems that exercise is the answer to everything these days, so its no wonder that many women who want to increase the size of their breasts are hoping to achieve it by exercise.

Some of the most popular exercise techniques being used by women today include good old fashioned pushups, those tricky side swerves, and the kneeling dip.

If you have tried these routines, you may notice your body becoming a little firmer, but the size of your bust has probably remained the same. Don’t be discouraged, its not your fault.

Read on – you may be surprised to learn the reason why breast enhancement exercises don’t work for breast enlargement. First of all, exercises burns fat and builds muscle. Breasts, however, are not are not muscle. Breasts are tissue.

Exercise is good, make no mistake about it. Building muscle is one of the best ways to boost your metabolism and burn fat. It will reverse bone loss, make your heart stronger, increase you energy level and lung capacity. But exercise alone will not increase the size of your breast.

In fact, if you were overweight when you began to exercise, you may even discover that your bra is fitting a little looser after you slim down.

In order to understand why breast enhancement exercises don’t work for breast enlargement, you must have an understanding of how breast tissue grows to begin with. Genetics, and hormones are the stars when it comes to determining the size a woman’s breast will be, not the amount of exercise in which she participates.

The hormone estrogens is secreted in small quantities even during childhood. Once a girl reaches puberty, the body kicks her production of estrogen up a notch. This is when her reproductive organs change from those of a girl, to those of a omen.

Because estrogen and fat deposits are intimately woven together, as the entire body changes and develops into a woman capable of conceiving, giving birth, and nursing her children, the breasts also change and develop.

Along with estrogen, progesterone and prolactin are hormones that also play a role in breast development. When a woman’s ovaries fail to produce sufficient amounts of estrogen and progesterone, she may have under developed breasts. Or she may just have inherited small breasts from Granny.

So, while all these exercises may help to firm and build up your chest muscles, they won’t enlarge the size of your breast. They will strengthen your back muscles, and a strong back may help you maintain better posture. Better posture will keep you from slouching.

Exercising will help you will look and feel better. And because you are standing taller, you may be showing off what was hiding before. But you won’t need to buy a bigger cup size.

For those who want bigger breasts you can try Breast Actives together with doing exercises.